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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gmail Sponsored Promotions - Targeting Attributes

GSP Targeting Attributes

 For Gmail Sponsored Promotion Ads we have following targeting options :

Interests - Target the interest categories. Person who receive email containing keywords related to Google's predefined interest verticals
Keywords - Targets the users who have email's containing given keywords.
Domains - Target users who are receiving mails from given domains.
Purchases - Target users who have purchased an item which comes under Google's predefined category list.
Jobs - Target users having the similar or the exact matching Job Titles.

We can set these targeting via bulk editing option which is given in GSP interface by using some attributes : 

d:Targets users that received an email containing this domain.
k:Targets users that received an email containing this keyword.
v:Targets users who received email that contains keywords related to this interest vertical. The complete list of verticals is available here.
p:Targets users that purchased an item in this category. The full list of valid categories is available here.
j:Targets users which have this (or a similar) job title. The complete list of titles is available here.

This targets users that have the domain in their received emails. This would include people that have received notification from Google Play, etc.
v:Internet & Telecom

This example mixes two targeting types, resulting in both sets of users being targeted. In this example, users with "" OR the interest vertical "Internet & Telecom" would be targeted by the campaign.


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