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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Get Analytics Conversion Data In Adwords

Import Analytics Conversion Data In Adwords

If you are running a Google AdWords account and want to track which campaign, ad groups, keywords are performing well in terms of ROI. You need to enable conversion tracking.  If you already using Google Analytics tracking then you can import the goals and transactions data from Google Analytics to Google AdWords Conversion Tracking. 

For this you have to check following things:

  • Your Google AdWords & Analytics accounts should be linked to each other.
  • You have enabled the data sharing in your Google Analytics account.
  • Auto tagging is enabled in your Google AdWords account.
  • Your Google Analytics goals & transaction are receiving active traffic via Google AdWords campaigns

If you have covered all these requirements then you are eligible to import google analytics transactions & goals data into your Google Adwords Conversion Tracking with following steps:

  • Go to AdWords account > Tools and Analysis > Conversions > Import from Google Analytics

Note : In this picture Import from Google Analytics in not active as the data sharing was not enabled.

  • Select goals & transactions you want to import and edit the action names and tracking purpose.
  • Click Import in bottom of the table.

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