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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Creating Good Campaign Structure in Google AdWords

How To Start With Good Campaign Structure in Google AdWords ?

Google AdWords is a medium of advertising where we show our ads on Google SERP to get relevant traffic on our website. To get the relevant traffic we use the relevant keywords, ad copy, targeting etc.

Some people think that Google AdWords is a very simple thing - just to put relevant keywords, ad copies, targeting, some budget and go on. Going in this way may spoil your money and faith with this precious medium of advertising.

Yea Google AdWords is quite simple but we have to start with proper planning to get the more ROI.
 Here I am discussing some point to keep in mind while structuring campaigns in Google AdWords. This may help to get good & efficient campaign structure. 

  • Web Site Analysis: First of all we need to analyze the website and its products/services which we want advertise on Search Engines. Create the list of those product and services.
  • Keyword Analysis:  Keywords plays main role in the field of search engine advertising because keywords are the thing from which user searches the product/services on the Search Engines via their search queries. We need to do proper keywords analysis and cover all the products/services we want to advertise. For Keyword analysis we should use the tool - Google Keyword Tool. It's fast & easy and the main thing it's free :). While doing keywords analysis we should keep in mind that we should try to fetch all possible relevant keywords from this tool. We can get more keyword idea by searching on google as it suggest the keywords while searching and below the search results. Usually user selects these keywords as he/she typing in Google Search Query Box. We should create the raw data sheet of our relevant keywords. 
  • Campaign Creation : One should be clear about budget and targeting before creating campaigns. Assign proper budget and desired geo & device targetings. To calculate proper budget one can get it from the calculations of avg.cpc idea from keyword tool and the number of clicks he/she want. Campaign can be separated by products, locations, devices etc. One should create separate campaign for search and display. This helps in proper campaign management.
  • Ad Group Creation : From the lost of raw keyword data sheet we need to create groups of similar keywords and it should be tightly themed. We can separate them by products, locations, actions like - buy, sell, purchase, order etc. Tightly themed ad groups help to get good Quality Score also. Set Match types of keywords as broad to main keyword and phrase and exact to its variations. Put 100% of the bid on exact, 80% on phrase and 85% on broad match types of the keywords.
  • Ad Copy Creation: Yes you know ad copies have just headline of 25 characters, 2 decription lines on 35 characters each , display url - 35 character and destination url- 1024 characters. Just write in this way and go on. Yea you can but should take a deep breath and think what attracts user - relevant keywords that were in his/her search query, some info about product/service, some great discount offer etc. We should keep the adgroup main keyword in headline, description lines and the display url after domain name following the slash. One main thing should be in ad copies that is Call to action which activates user to click on your ad and excite to reach your website like Buy Now, Order Now, Contact Us, Hurry! etc.
  • Ad Delivery Settings: Ad Delivery settings are in campaign settings.We can show our ads in two modes accelerated and standard. Accelerated to show fast and can spend all the day budget before completing the day. Standard mode by showing ad in optimized mode to distribute it all the day. We should start with standard mode so that we can control the budget spending because in starting we dont there might be some keywords in our ad groups which may eat all the money and dont convert. so to check that also we need to go with standard then will move to accelerated as per campaign performance in future.
    Ad Rotation is other feature of ad delivery for this you can read my previous post as I dont want to repeat here ;) Just use the rotate evenly - 90 days feature.
This is for now. I am just now ready to write more and share my knowledge and experience with you all @ just  free but for your love and affection which you may show from now or after some years ;) Till then enjoy reading... :D

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