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Friday, October 5, 2012

Ad Delivery Methods In Google AdWords

Ad Rotation

In Google Adwords there is an option given for Ad Delivery. This feature enable us to choose the ad delivery method of our choice from given options.

Go to Campaign Settings > Advance Settings > Ad Rotation

 There are now four options given :
  • Optimize for clicks: Show those ads more which are getting more clicks.
  • Optimize for conversions: Show those ads more which are getting more conversions. (Works only when you have enabled Google AdWords/Anlytics Conversion Tracking)
  • Rotate evenly:Show ads evenly for 90 days then optimize.
  • Rotate indefinitely: Show ads evenly for all time.

To get better campaign performance it is recommended that one should create more then two ads in one ad group and run ads with Rotate evenly option in starting phase of campaign so that each ad can have  equal chance to perform.

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