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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dynamic Display Ads - Next Generation Ads In Google Display Advertising

Dynamic Display Ads

What are these Dynamic Display Ads ?

Dynamic display ads or dynamic contextual ads are next generation ads which we can show our inventory products dynamically in single ad unit. Ads will be shown on the basis of the content of the placement page. That's why we are also calling them Dynamic Contextual Ads. These are still in beta mode and available in limited countries.

How these DDA are different from Dynamic Remarketing Ads ?

 These Dynamic Display Ads will look quite similar like the dynamic remarketing ads but there will be difference in products triggering in the ad unit and the targeting options. In dynamic remarketing we show the ads to the visitors of our site but in DDA concept it will trigger the ads based on the content of the page. Like dynamic remarketing we need to have a Google Merchant Center setup for this also. It will trigger the products we have uploaded in our Google Merchant Center data feeds.
In DDA we will use the Contextual Dynamic Creative (CDC) ad units which shows the ads based on the content of the page. CDC's are still in beta mode and will be available soon but if you are a US advertiser and interested in this feature then you need to fill this form to get it available for you.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gmail Sponsored Promotions - Targeting Attributes

GSP Targeting Attributes

 For Gmail Sponsored Promotion Ads we have following targeting options :

Interests - Target the interest categories. Person who receive email containing keywords related to Google's predefined interest verticals
Keywords - Targets the users who have email's containing given keywords.
Domains - Target users who are receiving mails from given domains.
Purchases - Target users who have purchased an item which comes under Google's predefined category list.
Jobs - Target users having the similar or the exact matching Job Titles.

We can set these targeting via bulk editing option which is given in GSP interface by using some attributes : 

d:Targets users that received an email containing this domain.
k:Targets users that received an email containing this keyword.
v:Targets users who received email that contains keywords related to this interest vertical. The complete list of verticals is available here.
p:Targets users that purchased an item in this category. The full list of valid categories is available here.
j:Targets users which have this (or a similar) job title. The complete list of titles is available here.

This targets users that have the domain in their received emails. This would include people that have received notification from Google Play, etc.
v:Internet & Telecom

This example mixes two targeting types, resulting in both sets of users being targeted. In this example, users with "" OR the interest vertical "Internet & Telecom" would be targeted by the campaign.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Facebook Timeline Updates - New Changes

Facebook have made some updates to how your timeline looks. Your posts and life events are on the right, with everything else on the left.

Your all-new About page makes it easier to show friends the things you care about.

Now the things you care about are organized into sections.
To change who can see what's in a section, just edit the privacy of the individual stories.

When you're adding something new, use the audience selector to choose who can see what you add.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Google Released AdWords Editor 10.0

Google Released AdWords Editor Version 10.0

Google just release new version of AdWords Editor, it's AdWords Editor 10.0.  Its has some new features like it supports Enhanced Campaigns.

Download the latest AdWords Editor here, now also supporting Enhanced campaigns :

Release notes:

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Google is showing new ad format in Gmail Inbox. When you clicked on some mail then in right top side of the email pane, you may see an ad looks like this :

When you click on this ad it expands to full page ad like this : 


When I contacted to Google guys to know more about this ad format then they told me these are Gmail Sponsored Promotions.
Benefits of Gmail Sponsored Ads:
  • Engage your creativity via ads within Gmail as it supports html, images & videos.
  • It will improve your campaign performance as GSP ads will increase 20% in Avg. CTR to Gmail text ads.
  •  You can target your exact customers by domain, keywords, geographic, interest & demographics.
  • Frequency capping to control impressions for unique user.
  • Get important insights like reach, open rates ctr, dismiss rates.  

Note : It can target any country but must have a US billing address and pay in USD

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